Volume 30 • Issue 1 • 2013

Is the Tower of Babel to be understood as a curse upon humankind or as a wealth of diversity? In art and visual culture education, were we to discuss it, the latter interpretation would prevail, for we have a long and deep engagement with valuing diverse cultures and differences among individuals, and working for social and educational change that will promote social justice. This issue of Journal of Cultural Research in Art Education (jCRAE) continues this rich heritage, with articles ranging from empowering youth experiencing disability to a self-examination of teaching multicultural art education to experiences of immigrant women, and from bases in the US, Syria, China, and Taiwan. Each of the authors works for social justice through education, envisioning another step towards social transformation. The authors use field-based methodologies, bringing readers teaching and learning experiences from classrooms, a field school, a gallery, and interviews.


Editorial Introduction

Elizabeth Garber

2013-12-27 Volume 30 • Issue 1 • 2013 • 8-9

Superhero Comic Books as Frameworks of Inclusivity and Advocacy for Youth With Disabilities

Valerie L. Karr and Courtney L. Weida

2013-12-27 Volume 30 • Issue 1 • 2013 • 10-31

Taiwanese Undergraduates’ Digital Story Quests for Art Treasures in Second Life

Mary Stokrocki and Jin-Shiow Chen

2013-12-27 Volume 30 • Issue 1 • 2013 • 32-59

Public Culture and Heritage: A Beijing Based Field School

Doug Blandy and John Fenn

2013-12-27 Volume 30 • Issue 1 • 2013 • 60-82

“How Will You Do This?” Infusing Multiculturalism Throughout Art Teacher Education Programs

Joni Boyd Acuff

2013-12-27 Volume 30 • Issue 1 • 2013 • 83-102

Examining Fair Trade as an Art Education Opportunity

Amanda Alexander, Connie DeJong, Jen Miller and James H. Sanders

2013-12-27 Volume 30 • Issue 1 • 2013 • 103-126

Asian Immigrant Women’s Emotional Reflection on Artworks

Kyungeun Lim

2013-12-27 Volume 30 • Issue 1 • 2013 • 127-143