Fostering Dialogue in a Post-Racial Society

Author: Melanie L. Buffington (Virginia Commonwealth University)

  • Fostering Dialogue in a Post-Racial Society


    Fostering Dialogue in a Post-Racial Society



This article explores strategies for promoting classroom discussions with pre-service art teachers. Ranging from ways to build a classroom environment conducive to sharing ideas to some specific video resources, the author explains some techniques she has implemented. Though the results of these efforts are mixed, continuing to explore ways to address race and culture in our post-racial society is an important step towards building the cultural competency of pre-service teachers. Because of the far-reaching and insidious effects of institutionalized racism throughout society and education, it is especially important for teachers to see and understand the profound effects of racism to work toward a more just society.

Keywords: pre-service teacher preparation, race, culture, higher education, video

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Buffington, M. L., (2016) “Fostering Dialogue in a Post-Racial Society”, Journal of Cultural Research in Art Education 33(1), 12-26. doi:

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Published on
01 Sep 2016
Peer Reviewed