Visualizing Digital Communities of Practice

Authors: Veronica Soria-Martinez (University of Wisconsin - Whitewater) , Brad Olson (Eastern Illinois University) , Chris Grodoski (Independent Scholar) , Jennifer Fitzpatrick (Benton Charleston County School District #47, Benton, IL) , Ann Ossey (Wauconda High School, District 118, Wauconda, IL)

  • Visualizing Digital Communities of Practice


    Visualizing Digital Communities of Practice

    Authors: , , , ,


In 2021, forty art, design, and media educators throughout a midwestern state in the United States critically examined their lessons through the lenses of social-emotional learning (SEL), standards-based assessment, research-informed practice, and culturally responsive instruction. During the program, teacher-learners recorded their reflections, which are condensed in a presentation-as-art-installation, highlighting dialogic self-reflection in a community of practice. In the video, originally conceived as a 2-channel installation, teachers discuss SEL; equity, diversity, and inclusion; research-informed practice; and standards-based grading, looking at the camera by themselves and reflecting on their daily practice as they incorporate new learning into their teaching. The text discusses how these transformative conversations took place, the necessary conditions for dialogic self-reflection in a community of practice, their impact on their professional practice, and sharing classroom experiences.

Keywords: Social-Emotional Learning, Equity Diversity and Inclusion, Communities of Practice, Professional Development, Reflective Practitioner

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Soria-Martinez, V., Olson, B., Grodoski, C., Fitzpatrick, J. & Ossey, A., (2023) “Visualizing Digital Communities of Practice”, Journal of Cultural Research in Art Education 40(1), 56-65. doi:

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Published on
03 Oct 2023
Peer Reviewed