White Warnings

Author: Tyler Denmead (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

  • White Warnings


    White Warnings



How white scholars engage in anti-racist scholarship is a paramount concern for the field of art education. But there is a double bind facing white art education scholars engaged in qualitative research. Reflexivity is a hallmark of trustworthy qualitative research yet being reflexive necessarily entails white people discussing their own entanglements in racism. Ironically, this reflexivity re-centers whiteness and reinvests whiteness by showing that it is capable of seeing itself for what it is. In this paper, I use an example from my own research that illuminates this double bind. To work this double bind, I propose that white art education scholars with anti-racist commitments must run towards white warnings, or cues that their praxis might threaten their social and institutional standing, as well as whiteness itself.

Keywords: whiteness, white warnings, reflexivity, critical race theory, gentrification, creative city, creativity

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Denmead, T., (2019) “White Warnings”, Journal of Cultural Research in Art Education 36(2), 108-124. doi:

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Published on
08 Oct 2019
Peer Reviewed