the Black Theatre Review

The Black Theatre Review (tBTR) is a biannual online, peer-reviewed journal published by the Black Theatre Network (BTN). BTN is dedicated to the exploration and preservation of the theatrical visions of the African Diaspora. The goal of tBTR is to explore scholarship, history, and performance of Black peoples and cultures wherever they are expressed throughout the world.

Photo ©2019 Alfred Herczeg

The Black Theatre Review (tBTR) will be accepting submissions for its scond publication, Vol. 1 No. 2, to be published in early winter of 2023.

We are pleased to invite submissions that respond to and interrogate the beauty and performativity of Representation in Black theatre history, performance, literature, artistic leadership, pedagogy, and praxis:


Representation is an act of inclusion that responds to the implicit/explicit questions of who and what should be seen. Representation is often a responsible intervention, yet in some cases we don't know something is being represented unless or until it is named. In the pursuit of economic viability, representation can exploit artists and audiences, telling stories particular only to a contemporary cultural mood or moment. Is it (representation) a tool of respectability politics? If so, does it run the risk of overlooking the duality and nuance that can exist within all of us at any moment in time? Representation can look like diversity with questionable intentions: no funding, no equity, no justice, and no subverting or dismantling of hegemonic systems. Tokenism and pioneerism are also forms of representation: overused and often enacted with people who are undercompensated and highly taxed. What are the metrics of representation and who determines what deserves to be represented?

tBTR seeks to publish original papers, book and performance reviews, technical and design notes, theoretical frameworks and perspectives, case studies, and works of multimedia. All issues will be centered on specific themes (as in the case of Representation above). Special issues devoted to performance pieces and particular artists will occasionally be published as well.

The extended deadline for submissions to all sections of tBTR is October 31, 2022. Early submissions will, however, receive preference in the review and publication process.

All issues of tBTR will be published online.