The Living Ones by Madeleine Adriance

The Living Ones by Madeleine Adriance, courtesy of Brown University, photo by Erin X. Smithers.

the Black Theatre Review (tBTR) is a biannual online, peer-reviewed journal published by the Black Theatre Network (BTN). BTN is dedicated to the exploration and preservation of the theatrical visions of the African Diaspora. The goal of tBTR is to explore the scholarship, history, and performance of Black peoples and cultures wherever they are expressed throughout the world.

tBTR will be accepting submissions for tBTR’s fourth publication, Vol. 2 No. 2, to be published in January 2024.


We are pleased to invite submissions that interrogate aesthetics, performativity, and matters of Environmentalism in Black and African Diasporic theatre history, contemporary performance and production, dramatic literature, digital art, artistic leadership, pedagogy and praxis, and nature-based religious and spiritual performativity. We invite authors to investigate, meditate and reflect on, and respond to:

  • Land acknowledgments.
  • Environmental sustainability conversations and the greening of theatre, performance, and production.
  • Environmental upheavals such as climate change, water crises, pollution, biodiversity, urban sprawl and gentrification, deforestation, etc. impact Blackness and Black cultures through performance (including theatre but not limited to dance, film, multimedia, etc.) frameworks.
  • Dramatic ecocriticism and “greenturgy”.
  • Ecotherapeutic performances as a pathway for healing.
  • Environmentalism and ancestral remembrance, power, resistance, and liberation.
  • Environmentalism and historical memory.
  • Approaches to reauthoring the historical memory of the environment through art.
  • Performances of anti-Blackness that impede access to the environment.
  • Performance of rituals to heal the land.
  • Environmentalism and rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation.
  • Nature-based sanctuaries, and religious and spiritual performativity.

tBTR seeks to publish original papers, book and performance reviews, technical and design notes, theoretical frameworks and perspectives, case studies, and works of multimedia. All issues will be centered on specific themes (as in the case of Environmentalism above). Special issues devoted to performance pieces and particular artists will occasionally be published as well. All issues of tBTR will be published online.

Last Date for Submissions is September 11, 2023. Please upload your full manuscript on our website at: