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We examined the distribution and fine morphology of small lymph channels in the rabbit heart, and particularly in the ventrirular myocardium. Light microscopy showed many small subepicardial lymphatics in both ventricles and in the subendocardium of papillary muscles and right side of the septum. By contrast, small lymphatics were scanty in the myocardium, ventricular endocardium and left portion of the septum. Electron microsropy revealed that the endothelial ultrastructure of these lymphatics was similar at different sites. The cytoplasm exhibited frequent adluminal expansions and amtained numerous micropinocytotic vesicles opening both into the lumen and surrounding interstitium; bundles of microfilaments were commonly arranged in a parallel fashion. There were bilaminations of the endothelial wall between which relatively dense, finely granular material was seen. Intercellular contacts were characterized by cell superimpositions and interlockings, specialized junctions and occasional maculae adherentes. The basal membrane was discontinuous and often of variable thickness. In the surrounding connective tissue, thin filaments appeared adjacent to the abluminal surface of the endothelial wall. Although the fine structure of the walls of small lymphatics in the rabbit ventrirular myocardium was similar to that of small lymphatics at other sites, their distribution varied from other mammalian species.

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Published on
13 Jul 1985