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Volume 31 • Issue 1 • 2024


Valuing conservation and socio-environmental services on an Amazon frontier: the Extractive Reserves of the Terra do Meio

Roberto Rezende, Gabe Schwartzman, Jefferson Straatmann and Augusto Postigo

2024-01-07 Volume 31 • Issue 1 • 2024 • 8–30

La construcción de sentidos sobre un territorio de sacrificio en un conflicto socioambiental por la producción de bioetanol en la ciudad de Córdoba, Argentina

Erika Saccucci

2024-01-14 Volume 31 • Issue 1 • 2024 • 31–47

"The companies are powerful, people are weak": India's solar energy ambitions and the legitimation of dispossession in Rajasthan

Shayan Shokrgozar and Bérénice Girard

2024-01-23 Volume 31 • Issue 1 • 2024 • 48–66

Austerity: An environmentally dangerous idea

Maria Kaika, Rita Calvário and Giorgos Velegrakis

2024-01-24 Volume 31 • Issue 1 • 2024 • 67–81

Hydropolitical potentialities in a post-'Day Zero' Cape Town: "Sensemaking" and the Cape Flats Aquifer

Matthew Wingfield

2024-02-22 Volume 31 • Issue 1 • 2024 • 82–97

Special Section: Political ecologies of education, edited by Hanne Svarstad & Tom Griffiths

Climate activism, environmental justice and ecopedagogy – a collaboration project between FFF activists and teacher candidates in Austria

Matthias Kowasch

2024-01-02 Volume 31 • Issue 1 • 2024

Race and the political ecology of education in Brazil: A spatial analysis of rural school closures

David Meek, Jane Daquin, Eduardo Paulon Girardi, Bernardo Mançano Fernandes, José Sobreiro do Filho, Rebecca Tarlau and Raquel Vuelta

2024-01-02 Volume 31 • Issue 1 • 2024

Environmental School Clubs in Tanzania: Learning to blame the "poor" and "uneducated"

Maria Gamlem Njau

2024-01-16 Volume 31 • Issue 1 • 2024

Special Section: Water in short supply, edited by Kathleen Sullivan and Sayd Randle

FERC, hydropower, and tribal rights: Confrontations at the Little Colorado River

Emily Benton Hite, Denielle Perry and Christian Fauser

2024-02-05 Volume 31 • Issue 1 • 2024


Aging community, changing crops: The faith of grapes in Turkey

Atak Ayaz

2024-01-01 Volume 31 • Issue 1 • 2024 • 1–7

Grassroots Special Section: 'Colonialities of climate change and action' edited by Martina Hasenfratz, Benno Fladvad, Laura Gutierrez Escobar, Diego Silva et al.

Oil and gas corporations as anti-racist decolonial liberators? A case study of propaganda from the struggle against Shell in South Africa

Alex Lenferna

2024-02-03 Volume 31 • Issue 1 • 2024

Provincializing energy transitions

Larry Lohmann

2024-02-04 Volume 31 • Issue 1 • 2024

Losing touch with mother seed: Insights from action research with small-scale farmers in Tamil Nadu, India

Sunil Damodaran Santha, Devisha Sasidevan, Sowmya Balasubramaniam, Afla C P, Anna KJ Steffy, Dhanya Kolathur, Ghurshida Jabeen and Atul Raman

2024-02-11 Volume 31 • Issue 1 • 2024

Pathways to decolonize North-South relations around energy transition

Miriam Lang

2024-02-16 Volume 31 • Issue 1 • 2024

Decolonizing refugeehood: The rise of climate refugees as a new legal subjectivity

Francesca Rosignoli

2024-02-23 Volume 31 • Issue 1 • 2024

Book Reviews

Review of Buller, Adrienne. 2022. The value of a whale: On the illusions of green capitalism.

Nick Fitzpatrick

2024-01-15 Volume 31 • Issue 1 • 2024

Review of Benally, Klee. 2023. No spiritual surrender: Indigenous anarchy in defense of the sacred

Alexander Dunlap

2024-02-15 Volume 31 • Issue 1 • 2024