Arizona Anthropologist

The Arizona Anthropologist is a competitive, high quality annual journal designed, reviewed and published by an editorial board of graduate students in the School of Anthropology at the University of Arizona.

The Arizona Anthropologist is the most recent in a long line of student and student-faculty publications dating back to Emil W. Haury’s newsletter the Atlatl in 1944. Over the years the chatty, informal newsletter designed to keep in touch with present and former students evolved into a venue for research articles and emerging scholarship. After a hiatus in the 1970s the journal was reborn in 1980 as a purely scholarly journal. In the early 1990s the journal changed its name and became the Arizona Anthropologist.

Volume 28 • 2017

Front Matter

Table of Contents and Front Matter

Table of Contents and Front Matter

Arizona Anthropologist

2017-11-06 Volume 28 • 2017 • i-iv

Editors’ Note

Editors’ Note

Elizabeth Eklund, Luke Kaiser and Mary-Caitlyn Valentinsson

2017-11-06 Volume 28 • 2017 • v-vi


A Sandrizona Retrospective: From the Desert to the Ocean and Back Again

Maisa C. Taha, Ashley Stinnett and Elizabeth A. Peacock

2017-11-06 Volume 28 • 2017 • 1-16

The First Whale of the Year: Reflections on learning to whale, and learning to write about whaling, in the Savu Sea

Florence Durney

2017-11-06 Volume 28 • 2017 • 17-26

Burying Tariq Aziz

William M. Cotter

2017-11-06 Volume 28 • 2017 • 27-36

Can the Subaltern Body Speak? Deconstructing the Racial Figures and Discourses of “Terrorism”

Rachel Rosenbaum

2017-11-06 Volume 28 • 2017 • 37-50

Ethnoarchaeology Can Be Used for Ecological Conservation Because It Can Detect Shifting Baselines

Erana Loveless

2017-11-06 Volume 28 • 2017 • 51-65

The Future of the Past: Reclassification of ‘Culturally Unidentifiable’ Human Remains Under NAGPRA

Rebecca Mountain

2017-11-06 Volume 28 • 2017 • 66-75

Memory and Enshrining Writing: Rethinking the ethnocentrism imbedded in written vs. oral traditions

Elizabeth Eklund

2017-11-06 Volume 28 • 2017 • 76-87