Trapping of Calibrated Microspheres in Experimental Rat Lymph Node Metastases



The position in rat lymph nodes of microspheres relative to embolized tumor cells and micro-metastases was studied histologically to evaluate some aspects of intralymphatic cancer treatment.

Walker carcinosarcoma cells were injected into afferent lymphatic channels of rat lymph nodes. Calibrated, nonradioactive microspheres were also injected, either together with the tumor cells or after 3-day or 7-day intervals. Twenty-four lymph nodes were available for study. In 18 of the 24 positive lymph nodes, microspheres were intermingled with tumor cells or micrometastases. However, in every instance, most of the microspheres were found in the uninvolved portions of the lymph nodes, both near the tumor-cell infiltrates and micrometastases and at a distance from them. Even when microspheres were in contact with tumor cells, the number of microspheres relative to the tumor cells was very small. Lymph node metastases probably cause diversion of the lymph flow and thus prevent optimal contact of tumor cells and microspheres.


How to Cite: Ludwig, J. (1972) “Trapping of Calibrated Microspheres in Experimental Rat Lymph Node Metastases”, Lymphology. 5(4).