A little bit of RISA (0.01 - 0.02 ml) was injected into a lymphatic at the back of a human foot in supine and/or sitting position, and the radioactivity curves were obtained at the inguinal and/or at the middle of the thigh. Radioactivity curves at the inguinal region showed stepwise rise with the frequency of about 1 /min. in subjects without edema and steep rise without staircase in patients with cardiac edema. Radioactivity curves at the middle of the thigh showed many spiky waves with the frequency of about 1/min. in supine subjects without edema, which were increased in frequency , duration and/or height in sitting subjects without edema and also in supine and sitting patients with cardiac edema.

Therefore, it may be said that there are rhythmic lymph flows in lower leg of subjects without edema and of patients with cardiac edema not only in supine but also in sitting position, and also that lymphatic contractility plays some role in propelling lymph in human leg.


How to Cite: Seki, K. (1979) “LYMPH FLOW IN HUMAN LEG”, Lymphology. 12(1).