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The lymphographic appearances of the retroperitoneal lymph nodes in 10 patients with multiple myeloma have been analyzed. None of the patients had any signs of extramedullary involvement of myelomatosis before lymphography. In 3 cases irregular filling defects suggestive of myelomatous involvement were found. In one case they were close to a myelomatous bone lesion, whereas in the others the lymphographic abnormality was totally unexpected. In all 3 patients other nodes showed reactive hyperplasia. Such nonspecific hyperplasia was also encountered in 3 other cases. In 2 cases the myelomatous involvement of lymph node was detected before the diagnosis was recognized which is contrary to the belief that multiple myeloma involve nodes late in the disease. In addition to diagnostic aid the lymphographic demonstration of the myelomatous spread into lymph nodes may influence on the selection of the therapeutic approach to the disease.


How to Cite: Tallroth, K. , Somer, K. & Somer, T. (1982) “LYMPHOGRAPHIC FINDINGS IN MULTIPLE MYELOMA”, Lymphology. 15(1).