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The lymphatic system plays an important role in organ transplantation as a com­ponent of the circulatory system and as a component of the immunologically active lymphoreticular system. The first aspect is emphasized by problems caused in attempts to restore lymph circulation in transplanted tissues and organs, while the second aspect manifests itself mainly by the initiation of immune processes in which the afferent vessels of the regional lymphatic system may be of importance. Methods for the study of these two specific aspects may vary. It should be  emphasized however that the latter have many features in common, especially from the viewpoint of physiology and pathophysiology. The purpose of this paper is to give a short survey of the phenomena involved, some of which are still vague in spite of the increasing attention they are attracting.


How to Cite: Malek, P. & Vrubel, J. (1968) “LYMPHATIC SYSTEM AND ORGANTRANSPLANTATION”, Lymphology. 1(1).