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Primary lymphangioma arising from the ovary is a rare tumor, with only 24 cases reported to date. As it is often accompanied by ascites or recurrence, similar to a malignant tumor, an aggressive treatment approach is used for disease control. In this report, we describe a 75-year-old woman with a left ovarian lymphangioma that increased in size during the menopause period. Microscopic examination of the tumor showed thin-walled multilocular cystic spaces and immunoreactivity for D2-40, a specific marker for lymphatic endothelium, lining the cystic spaces. The patient has been doing well for 5 years postoperatively. Ovarian cystic lymphangioma should be included in the differential diagnosis of an ovarian cyst and long-term follow-up is recommended to exclude malignant behavior. We also summarize a total of 25 cases, including the case presented here.

Keywords: Lymphangioma, ovary, Immunohistochemistry, D2-40

How to Cite: Joo, H. , Lee, T. , Lee, S. & Lee, E. (2016) “LYMPHANGIOMA ARISING FROM THE OVARY”, Lymphology. 49(1).