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Lymphedema is divided into primary and secondary forms. Primary lymphedema often develops in young people and may be caused by lymphvascular aplasia, hypoplasia, and hyperplasia. The most frequent cause of secondary lymphedema after lymphatic filariasis is regional lymph node dissection for treatment of a malignant tumor, and this complication occurs most frequently in middle aged or older patients. Here, we describe a relatively young patient (27 years old) in whom collecting lymph vessels in the upper limb were disrupted by repeated self-injury, with resultant lymphedema. There have been very few reports on lymphedema caused by self-induced trauma. This case report illustrates that secondary lymphedema should also be considered and evaluated appropriately when diagnosed in a relatively young patient without a history of cancer or infection.

Keywords: secondary lymphedema, trauma, depression, self-injury

How to Cite: Mihara, M. , Hara, H. , Murai, N. , Todokoro, T. , Iida, T. , Narushima, M. & Koshima, I. (2011) “SEVERE LYMPHEDEMA CAUSED BY REPEATED SELF-INJURY”, Lymphology. 44(4).