Arizona Anthropologist

arizona anthropologist The Arizona Anthropologist is a competitive, high quality annual journal designed, reviewed and published by an editorial board of graduate students in the School of Anthropology at the University of Arizona.
Anthropology Archaeology Socio-Cultural Anthropology Linguistic Anthropology Biological Anthropology Physical Anthropology Borderlands Arizona

Arizona Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies

arizona journal of interdisciplinary studies

The Arizona Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies is a student-led journal focusing on interdisciplinary research in the humanities, arts, and sciences.

the Black Theatre Review

the black theatre review

The Black Theatre Review (tBTR) is a biannual online, peer-reviewed journal published by the Black Theatre Network (BTN). BTN is dedicated to the exploration and preservation of the theatrical visions of the African Diaspora. The goal of tBTR is to explore scholarship, history, and performance of Black peoples and cultures wherever they are expressed throughout the world.

performance theatre African diaspora performing arts directing acting dramaturgy theatre design African theatre African performance design and technology Black theatre Black performance

Footnotes: A Journal of History

footnotes: a journal of history

Footnotes: A Journal of History presents original primary research and historiographical papers from the University of Arizona’s undergraduate and graduate students. We are a forum of publication for historical research in a cross-variety of fields of inquiry. University of Arizona history students are able to work with the journal as both editors and authors. Footnotes highlights the importance of history and its applications in our ever-changing world.

Guide Series

guide series The Guide Series provides overviews, selections of finding aids, reproductions of archival materials, bibliographies, and essays by scholars who worked closely with some of the keystone archives at the Center for Creative Photography (CCP) at the University of Arizona.


hematopathology Hematopathology publishes pathological studies of blood diseases and covers more areas than any other pathology subspecialties; it also evaluates findings of autopsy, cytopathology, surgical pathology, neuropathology, and pediatric pathology. Laboratory studies, including transfusion medicine, hematology, coagulation, flow cytometry, cytogenetics, and molecular diagnostics, are also integral parts of Hematopathology. Recently the scope of this journal has been expanded to include studies of precision pathology of non-hematological diseases. This is an open access journal that is indexed by Google Scholar.
pathology clinical medicine

Indigenous Stewards

indigenous stewards A publication of the Southwest Environmental Health Sciences Center, College of Pharmacy, University of Arizona

Issues and Trends in Learning Technologies

issues and trends in learning technologies

Issues and Trends in Learning Technologies (ITLT) is a peer-reviewed open access journal that covers current issues and trends in educational technology theory, design, development and assessment.

educational technology instructional technology e-learning online learning educational research instructional design

Journal of Appellate Practice and Process

journal of appellate practice and process

The Journal of Appellate Practice and Process is a professionally edited publication that provides a forum for creative thought and dialogue about the operation of appellate courts and their influence on the development of the law. The Journal is distributed to every state and federal appellate judge in the United States and the judges of the Supreme Court of Canada. It is available as a free resource to practitioners, academics, and others on this website. 

Journal of Cultural Research in Art Education

journal of cultural research in art education

The Journal of Cultural Research in Art Education (jCRAE), first published in 1983, is an annual publication of the United States Society for Education through Art. jCRAE focuses on social/cultural research relevant for art education, including cultural foundations of art education, cross-cultural and multicultural research in art education, and cultural aspects of art in education. These areas should be interpreted in a broad sense and can include arts administration, art therapy, community arts, and other disciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches that are relevant to art education.

education art

Journal of Methods and Measurement in the Social Sciences

journal of methods and measurement in the social sciences The Journal of Methods and Measurement in the Social Sciences (JMM) is an online scholarly publication focusing on methodology and research design, measurement, and data analysis – providing a new venue for unique and interesting contributions in these study areas which frequently overlap.

Journal of Political Ecology

journal of political ecology

The Journal of Political Ecology (JPE) is a peer reviewed, platinum Open Access journal in the social sciences. It began in 1994 and welcomes submissions in English, French and Spanish. JPE publishes research into the linkages between political economy and human environmental impacts, across different locations and academic disciplines. Articles must be situated in, or contribute to, political ecology

JPE was established at the University of Arizona, where it remains, hosted by the UA Libraries. This is a "DIY" journal, with the work done by volunteer editors and referees from academic institutions. Over the years, the JPE has published several important contributions to the field of political ecology, and spanned several disciplines, while remaining free of charge. It is cited more often per article than many commercial journals charging libraries and individuals for access.  Articles are archived by Portico

A description of the journal can be found in Spanish and in English (at the end of an argument for academic-controlled OA journals). 

In 2022, we began publishing a new section called Grassroots publishing short articles engaging trans-local environmental realities and questions with authors drawn from activists and scholars from the Global South. It is a platform for those movements concerned with the politics of sustainability, natural resources access and related social inequalities in both rural and urban settings. We are interested in grassroots’ initiatives that envision sustainable ways of inhabiting the planet as well as critical reflections on political ecology and the environmental effects of globalisation for local communities. Questions may be directed to grassrootsjpe@gmail.com

political economy political ecology environmental justice human environmental impacts political science geography anthropology

Journal of Second Language Acquisition and Teaching

journal of second language acquisition and teaching

The Journal of Second Language Acquisition and Teaching (JSLAT) is a publication of the University of Arizona Interdisciplinary Ph.D. Program in Second Language Acquisition and Teaching (SLAT). This journal was conceived as a source for scholarly dialogue among SLAT students, SLAT faculty, and the second language research community at large. This journal is an opportunity for doctoral students in the field of second language studies to experience the publishing process as well as an outlet for established second language researchers to present completed research and work in progress.

JSLAT began publication in 1993 as El Two Talk (ISSN: 2377-1828). In 1995 the journal title changed to Arizona Working Papers in Second Language Acquisition & Teaching (ISSN: 2377-1704). In 2019, the journal title was changed to Journal of Second Language Acquisition and Teaching.

second language acquisition language studies applied linguistics


lymphology The journal Lymphology is the official organ of the International Society of Lymphology. It includes papers and special symposia dealing with clinical and basic studies of the lymphatic system and related fields. Original ideas, bold hypotheses, historical reflections, and exciting observations are printed in "Lymphspirations" and interesting images are published in "Lymphographias".

Meteoritics and Planetary Science Archives

meteoritics and planetary science archives

Meteoritics & Planetary Science is an international monthly journal of planetary science published by the Meteoritical Society – a scholarly organization promoting research and education in planetary science. The topics include the origin and history of the solar system, planets and natural satellites, interplanetary dust and interstellar medium, lunar samples, meteors, and meteorites, asteroids, comets, craters, and tektites.

Meteoritics and Planetary Science (MAPS) was first issued in 1953 as Meteoritics. The journal publishes research articles describing the latest results of new studies, invited reviews of major topics in planetary science, editorials on issues of current interest in the field, and book reviews. The online version of the journal is available to members through the membership services page (username and password required).

The Meteoritics & Planetary Science Archives provides open access to Meteoritics & Planetary Science Volumes 37-44 (2002-2009).

Radiocarbon Archives

radiocarbon archives Radiocarbon is the main international journal of record for research articles and date lists relevant to 14C and other radioisotopes and techniques used in archaeological, geophysical, oceanographic, and related dating. The journal is published quarterly. Since it was founded in 1959 Radiocarbon has published many seminal works and is typically the venue for the triennial International Radiocarbon Conference proceedings. The journal also publishes occasional special issues.

Originally published by the University of Arizona, Radiocarbon is now published by Cambridge University Press. Please check the Cambridge Radiocarbon site for new Radiocarbon content and to submit manuscripts through the Cambridge platform.

The Radiocarbon Archives contain the journal content through Volume 54 (2012).

Rangeland Ecology & Management / Journal of Range Management Archives

rangeland ecology & management / journal of range management archives Welcome to the Rangeland Ecology & Management Archive. The journal Rangeland Ecology & Management (RE&M; v. 58, 2005 – present) is the successor to the Journal of Range Management (JRM; v. 1-57, 1948-2004). The Archive provides open access, in a “rolling window” agreement with SRM, to both titles (JRM and RE&M), from v. 1 up to five years from the present year.

Rangelands Archives

rangelands archives The Rangelands Archives provides open access to Rangelands, Volumes 1-38 (1979-2016). Current issues are readily available with membership in the Society for Range Management (SRM).

The Archive

the archive Established in 1976, The Archive was an annual publication devoted to research conducted in the archives and fine print collections of the Center for Creative Photography (CCP) at the University of Arizona.

University of Arizona Journal of Medicine

university of arizona journal of medicine About section: The University of Arizona Journal of Medicine is a research journal, created by and for medical students. The journal establishes a new niche within the University of Arizona College of Medicine community – a platform to promote intellectual curiosity and the scientific achievements of UACOM students.