Complementary Meta-Analytic Methods for the Quantitative Review of Research: 2. An Extended Illustration

  • Aurelio José Figueredo (University of Arizona)
  • Candace Jasmine Black (University of Arizona)
  • Anne Grete Scott (University of Arizona)


In Figueredo, Black, and Scott (this issue), we presented the rationale for a complementary meta-analytic method to accompany traditional effects meta-analytic procedures.  Here, we provide an example using Contents Meta-Analysis so that readers can become familiar with the application of the method and the implications of its use.  This illustration will be presented in two major sections.  First, we will describe an empirical example of a meta-analysis on retention in higher education where a Contents Meta-Analysis was conducted.  Then we will show how the information gained in the Contents Meta-Analysis may be applied to address issues of generalizability.

Keywords: contents meta-analysis, meta-analysis, higher education, research paradigms, methods

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Published on
31 May 2013
Peer Reviewed