Foreword: What Behavioral Scientists Are Unwilling to Accept by Lewis Petrinovich

  • Aurelio José Figueredo (University of Arizona)


There are multiple levels of backstory to this paper. I was among the last few doctoral students trained by Professor Lewis (“Lew”) Franklin Petrinovich, and collaborated with him on various research projects for decades after I received my PhD in Comparative Psychology, so I witnessed the whole origin story for this paper unfold over the years. While still a graduate student at the University of California at Riverside, I took the course that Lew regularly taught on research methodology. I still consider that one course to be the biggest eye-opener of my graduate training. It revolutionized my thinking on how to do science and has continued to influence my professional career as a researcher in psychology. 

Keywords: representative design, research methodology, comparative psychology

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Published on
01 Nov 2021
Peer Reviewed