An Expanded Life Satisfaction Model: A Component of Subjective Well-Being

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The current investigation uses latent variable modeling to investigate Subjective Well-Being (SWB). Previous research has suggested that Subjective Well-Being is made up of a tripartite model consisting of life satisfaction, positive affect, and negative affect. However, recently, extant research has suggested that the tripartite model of SWB comes short of considering nuances of SWB, specifically relationship outcomes and general life challenges. This investigation presents multiple hierarchical models of SWB, including a third-order factor structure of SWB to explain satisfaction with life, subjective happiness, resiliency, and assessment of the relationship.

Keywords: Relationship Assessment Scale, Brief Resiliency Scale, Subjective Happiness Scale, Satisfaction with Life Scale, Subjective Well-Being

How to Cite: Larwin, K. H. , Harvey, M. E. & Constantinou, S. T. (2020) “An Expanded Life Satisfaction Model: A Component of Subjective Well-Being”, Journal of Methods and Measurement in the Social Sciences. 11(1). doi: