Co-Creating with a Messy Kitchen Floor



An arts-based exploration framed as an Anzaldúan autohistoria-teoría, explores material and social constructs of the author’s dirty kitchen floor. Focusing on materiality and the remnants of white colonial norms as aspects of her everyday lived experience, the author engages in collaborative art making with her messy kitchen to reimagine a dysfunctional relationship that is bound up in maintaining social norms. The autohistoria-teoría functions as a ritual practice that makes space for both sociocultural and materialist considerations of domestic space. The project serves as a model for how art educators might engage theory-making via ritual making practice.

Keywords: Autohistoria-teoría, ritual ecology, materiality, race and gender, arts-based research

How to Cite: Hood, E. J. (2022) “Co-Creating with a Messy Kitchen Floor”, Journal of Cultural Research in Art Education. 39(1). doi: