(re)Mixing Girlhood

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This article positions remix as an agentive site for girls and women in their consumption and production of popular media, one that disrupts dominant gender norms and representations and the pervasiveness of male gaze. Noting girlhood as connected to but also unique from womanhood (Kearney, 2009), the authors offer feminist interpretations of collage and video mash ups created by adolescent girls in a program of juvenile arbitration as a series of messy, non-linear readings of visual and textural fragments of girls’ work, interlaced with authors’ reactions to girls’ productions as female facilitators/audience. The authors pose that this double-folded, dialogic, intergenerational remix generates a flow of female gaze—as a continuous repetition and collaborative disruption of dominant gender codes—which is produced, reproduced, and passed on to other girls and women to elicit reactions of difference.


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