Tangling in Remix

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This project illustrates an alternative, or remixed, method of writing about a collaborative inquiry of two art educators. Their journey comprised searching, identifying, quarreling, and ultimately, proceeding forward on issues related to gaining relevant relationships with the culture of remix and the authors’ practices as art educators. The layout used to illustrate the discourse between the authors presents a philosophically as well as emotionally labor-intensive de/reconstruction of personal and professional issues related to using concepts of remix with students in art education classrooms. The journey itself enlightened the authors and energized a challenge to come to grips with topics they didn’t understand but wanted to understand in order to more fully connect with the media-rich lives of their students. This document shares lessons learned around a process of being transparent about differences, modeling rigorous discourse about the unknown, and sustaining a curiosity for meaningfully honoring the lives of our students.


How to Cite: Bradshaw, R. D. & Bergstrom, B. (2015) “Tangling in Remix”, Journal of Cultural Research in Art Education. 32(1). doi: