Contemporary Culture Wars: Challenging the Legacy of the Confederacy



This paper focuses on the ongoing culture war related to representations of the Confederacy and those who fought for white supremacy since the end of the Civil War. Throughout the United States, and particularly in the southern states, there are physical reminders of the Confederacy on public land that take many forms, including monuments and the names of schools. The author shares two in-depth examples of community response grappling with this history and suggests Critical Race Theory as a lens through which to unpack the political nature of the built environment. Through studying the work of contemporary artists who challenge symbols of the Confederacy, students can engage in ongoing dialogues with regional and national implications.

Keywords: culture wars, Confederacy, Confederate flag, monuments, Bree Newsome, Sonya Clark

How to Cite: Buffington, M. L. (2017) “Contemporary Culture Wars: Challenging the Legacy of the Confederacy”, Journal of Cultural Research in Art Education. 34(1). doi: