The Vernacular Boats of Egypt’s Natural Lakes: Documentation of Living Maritime Heritage


Boats are essentials of human interaction with aquatic net-ecosystems. Despite Egypt’s long-standing reliance on its maritime sphere and an increase in the study of ancient maritime life during the past few decades, the scarcity of references and academic readings discussing the living boats of the Egyptian natural lakes provides great opportunity. Often, the living boats of today are the last vestiges of long-lost vessels of the past. Aware of these lacunae, the authors developed as complete record of the extant boats of Egypt’s natural lakes as possible. The goal was to document these boats as living heritage, basically in a format of “boat curriculum vitae,” to be used as direct evidence of the maturation of a new paradigm of understanding recent and—when possible—ancient maritime engagement in terms of cultural continuity, cultural relativism, and diffusion.

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Ragheb Koutkat, M. A. & Abd El-Maguid, M. M. & Zoair, N. I. & Creasman, P., (2017) “The Vernacular Boats of Egypt’s Natural Lakes: Documentation of Living Maritime Heritage”, Journal of Ancient Egyptian Interconnections 16(1), p.25-67.







Magdi Ahmed Ragheb Koutkat (Fayoum University, Egypt)
Mohamed Mostafa Abd El-Maguid (Ministry of Antiquities, Egypt)
Nagoua Ibrahim Zoair (Fayoum University, Egypt)
Pearce Paul Creasman (University of Arizona)



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