Pathways: Monica Yellowhair, PhD, Diné

Author: Amanda Bahe (University of Arizona)

  • Pathways: Monica Yellowhair, PhD, Diné


    Pathways: Monica Yellowhair, PhD, Diné



Yellowhair earned a PhD in toxicology at the UA, where she is currently a post-doctoral research assistant. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in microbiology and a Master of Science degree in chemistry, both from Northern Arizona University. Much of her research focuses on uranium and its effects on DNA in relation to cancer and the efficacy of a certain cancer-related drug. This research compares the role of the environment and diet tendencies in the microbiome of Navajos on the reservation and those in urban settings. Yellowhair’s research may have huge implications, especially on the Navajo Nation where uranium is common due to mining, as it may show DNA damage can lead to the development of different types of cancers. Dr. Yellowhair uses her cultural upbringing and traditional stories to relay environmental health knowledge to Navajo communities and hopes to use academia to make a difference in the lives of Native students.

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Published on
01 Dec 2016