Pathways: Seafha Ramos, PhD Candidate

Author: Amanda Bahe (University of Arizona)

  • Pathways: Seafha Ramos, PhD Candidate


    Pathways: Seafha Ramos, PhD Candidate



Ramos is a doctoral candidate in the School of Natural Resources and the Environment at the UA. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree from Missouri Southern State University with a major in biology and her Master of Science degree in wildlife conservation and management from the UA. Ramos works part time for the National Park Service (NPS) and is a UA/Sloan Indigenous Graduate Partnership Scholar. She grew up in northwest California and credits her mom as being her catalyst into the sciences. Ramos recognizes the value of fostering relationships with others – from tribal council members to lab mates – in order to achieve success. In her dissertation, Ramos highlights traditional knowledge as a way to show that cultural values and beliefs are valid ways of thinking about the environment alongside Western science. Ramos hopes to eventually return to her home state to share her findings and experiences with her community as a teacher.

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Bahe, A., (2015) “Pathways: Seafha Ramos, PhD Candidate”, Indigenous Stewards 1(1), 12-13.

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Published on
01 Dec 2015