Lessons from New New Journalism

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Writing is critical to two main anthropological goals: to communicate useful knowledge about humanity and society; and to stimulate interest, discussion, and action on issues that are of societal import. To achieve these goals anthropologists must write in accessible styles for diverse audiences. In this paper, we review the work of five popular nonfiction writers to determine the extent to which their approachable writing styles are compatible with anthropological rigor and nuance. While none of these authors meets all of our hopes for anthropological analysis, each does manage to blend some elements of scholarship with a readable style. We therefore highlight some of their stylistic approaches in the hope that these might help anthropologists engage more effectively in public debate.

Keywords: non-fiction writing, New New Journalism, politics of representation, reflexivity

How to Cite: Burke, B. , Leckman, P. , Sturzen, A. , Van Vlack, K. & Villanueva, H. (2006) “Lessons from New New Journalism”, Arizona Anthropologist. 17(0).